Top 20 Popular SaaS Apps for Your Business

Doing business has changed over the years mainly due to the advancements in technology, and not without reason. The increased efficiency of using improved software to do the jobs, that initially required a lot of effort and a significant chunk of hours to get completed, have increased business productivity in recent years.

According to research from major business data reports from Gartner and Okta, the below listed SaaS apps have topped the charts. It can be interpreted as the most efficient among their competition, hence their popularity.

Amazon Web Services

AWS’s popularity does not seem to be diminishing with time. Its own SaaS offerings as well as associations with other third-party services who do the same, makes this achievement possible every single time.

Microsoft Office 365

Accessibility to work email and associated apps outside of your office and on any device, with its range of options makes Microsoft Office 365 a very popular work place software.


First to introduce CRM (Customer Relationship Software) concept, Salesforce has expanded its businesses onto platform development, marketing, social networking and analytics.


In spite of emerging competition from other storage apps, Box is still one of the most popular with businesses. It has also expanded to offering collaboration services and file editing apart from the storage.

Google Apps

Google’s G suite is very popular with paid subscription services apart from its already free services.


Helping travellers book and manage expenses, Concur, is popular among these communities. Their expense reporting system is one of the best out there.


Zendesk has made it easy to add automated response systems into every business. Its machine learning enables better response to customer queries.


Dropbox is yet another storage platforms that lets you edit and share files.


Connecting businesses as well as job searchers with its high profile business owners that use their services as well as varied connectivity methods.


Putting a stop to primitive methods of document verification, DocuSign enables users to digitally sign and share business documents.

Outlook Web Access

Access and managing of email anywhere and on any device.


Workday targets global businesses as well as government organizations to use its financial and HR management services.

Adobe Creative

Adobe has launched its Cloud services to offer the same creativity software online through annual subscriptions. This adds to its existing desktop popularity.


E-commerce ventures are cropping up everywhere, and Shopify can enhance the performance of their online shopping websites.

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential to any online presence and Google has its growth monitoring service to help with it.


Real-time communication app separates family and friends from work contacts.


ADP has taken it to the cloud by offering a versatile employee payroll management software.

Cisco’s WebEx

Video conferencing is changing the way meetings were arranged and held in businesses, saving time and effort.


GitHub is a project management and software management app. It aids in every step of the project with features like development tracking and version control.


GoToMeeting establishes secure connections for online meetings.

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